About the Center

Strategic Partnerships was established in November 2017

The Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships (SCISP) aims to coordinate all the Kingdom’s efforts in relation to its international strategic partnerships with countries targeted for partnership. It’s efforts are towards building, developing and strengthening such partnerships, as well as coordinating and monitoring their programs with relevant agencies.

Our international partnerships date back to historical times

Partnerships and cooperation with our strategic International partners have been a long standing part of our history.

Our Main Objectives

  • Propose cultural programs
  • Propose enabler factors
  • Achieve coordination
  • Implement Partnerships
  • Maximize Common Interests
  • Propose Plans and Programs
  • Coordinate with Gov Agencies
  • Propose Partnership Countries
  • Monitor Partnership Outcomes
  • Support Initiatives

Strategic partnerships across 4 dimensions

Military & Security

Partnerships Contribution

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