About the Center
Mission & Mandate

Our Vision

To be an integral player and a catalyst in the Kingdom’s strategic endeavors in building global partnerships.


Develop criteria

Conduct studies and develop criteria that will help identify the Kingdom’s potential strategic partner countries.


conduct studies

Conduct the necessary studies on the establishment of international strategic partnerships that maximize common interests with each strategic partner, and propose the plans and programs necessary therefore.


Activates & monitor

Activate and monitor the outcomes of partnerships established by the Kingdom with strategic partners; support the creation of opportunities for international partnerships, agreements and initiatives; and propose appropriate mechanisms for improving their returns.


Develop action plan

Develop a comprehensive action plan for [managing] the Kingdom’s relations with strategic partnership countries.


investigate & Evaluate

Investigate, identify and evaluate opportunities for international strategic partnerships with each strategic partnership country, determine their compatibility with the Kingdom’s vision and implementation programs, set objectives for such partnerships every five (5) years, and assess their economic impact on the Kingdom and strategic partnership countries.


collect & Information

Conduct studies and research and collect information on the size of potential and available investments in each sector in the Kingdom, including the number of companies and opportunities and relevant financial [information], as well as following up on the developments of such investments and their implementation plans.


coordinate Agendas

Coordinate the agendas of, and propose suitable dates for, official visits from strategic partnership countries; define the objectives of, and prepare detailed plans for, each visit; arrange and provide the necessary support for meetings of official delegations; and participate in the said visits to follow the topics of discussion and monitor the implementation of agreed-upon actions.


organize various seminars

Organize various seminars and workshops to support and strengthen international strategic partnerships.


Engage consulting firms

Engage specialized consulting firms for the performance of the Center’s tasks as necessary.


Perform other tasks

Perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the Board.

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